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Air Jordan 6 "DMP" Is Coming

The Air Jordan 6 "DMP"Style Code: CT4954-007) in the Air Jordan 6 + 11 DMP suit is likely to be re-enacted in 2020.


The DMP suit was released in 2006, which has been around for 13 years now. The suit includes two boots: Air Jordan 6 and Air Jordan 11.

Its feature is the noble gold accents in the details of the shoe, with a gold metal tag, respectively tribute to Michael Jordan's three consecutive dynasties opened in 1991 and 1996.

Among them, the Air Jordan 6 “DMP” adopts black gold color matching, which is low-key and restrained and has a kingly style. The few people who were willing to put on the shoes in the past were definitely the gods in the hearts of Air Jordan 6 fans.

I believe many friends would like to ask: When can the Air Jordan 11 DMP be re-enacted? After all, it is more popular than Air Jordan 6!


The latest news said that the shoes will be officially released on January 25th next year, the sale price is $200, we will continue to pay attention and bring tracking reports in the first time!



Best Fake Air Jordan 12 "Racer Pink" For Girls

More and more girls get involved in the sneaker culture, Jordan Brand also plans to launch more GS and WMNS sneakers. This morning, the official website has released a new colorway of the Fake Air Jordan 12 GS "Racer Pink".



The body of the shoe is made of a large area of wolf-gray and adopt the high-grade lychee material. Even the iconic shoelace buckle is embellished with wolf-gray, which shows its high quality. The upper is decorated with pink and spread a strong fresh breath by an amazing collision with the wolf-gray body. In the splicing of the shoe body and the side, it is also outlined by a black car line, which is unique and special. Finally, finish with a versatile white outsole.


Air Jordan 12 GS Racer Pink

The latest news said that this colorway will be on sale on July 31, priced at $140.